What’s more challenging than the SAT? Studying for it.

  • “My test date is coming up but it just feels like there’s so much to study. Where do I even start?”
  • “There seems to be so much riding on my SAT score and my parents are expecting so much. Am I prepared?”
  • “With homework, exams, and practice, how do I find enough time to study for the SAT?”

Prep4SAT makes studying smarter, simpler and more effective

  • Rather than a book or class that teaches the same thing to everyone, discover your own strengths and weaknesses and receive instruction tailored just for you. Need extra help? Reach out to a tutor ready to help you directly through the app or in person.
  • Break studying down into digestible chunks. Prep4SAT’s bite-sized lessons and practice sets make studying for the SAT less of a hurdle. With the app’s analytics see the improvement you make each time you study.
  • Prep on your time. You don’t need to travel to a class or carry a heavy prep book around. Everything you need to do great on the exam fits in your pocket and syncs across your mobile devices.

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